Anti-inflammatory ginger & pear smoothie


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Ginger and pear smoothie

Ginger and pear smoothie

This breakfast is delicious but even more importantly is packed with anti-inflammatory goodness that keeps you full for hours.  It’s fresh and zingy but really filling.  If you like your smoothie thinner, add more liquid.  If you prefer it thicker add less liquid and eat from the glass with a spoon like I do – yum!

For 1 hungry adult:
Remember to consult my “larder & shopping” section for unusual ingredients

1 scoop/2 rounded dsp of Sun Warrior Warrior Blend protein powder or other protein powder of your choice (e.g. pea protein, sprouted rice protein, or for for a dairy option, Solgar Whey to Go Vanilla)
200ml unsweetened additive-free milk of your choice: almond, hemp, coconut milk, home-made kefir, milk or (if you can eat gluten) oat milk.
1  small organic pear, washed
1 heaped dsp peeled, freshly grated ginger root
1 level tsp ground turmeric
1 heaped dsp ground seeds e.g. linseed, chia or a blend (e.g. pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and linseed)
Optional: 1/3-1/2 a ripe avocado
Optional: a teaspoon of lecithin granules
Optional (for extra sweetness): pure stevia drops, powder or xylitol to taste

1. Remove stalk from the pear, cut up the rest (seeds and all) and throw in the liquidiser.
2. Add the other ingredients.  Blitz for a minute until smooth.  Enjoy.

Why this smoothie is good for you:
Turmeric, ginger and avocados contain the natural anti-inflammatories curcumin, gingerol and vitamin E.  So if you want to get rid of annoying skin conditions or boost your digestive wellness these are fantastic things to add to your everyday eating. 

Because this breakfast is rich in protein, beneficial oils and low in sugars (from fruit) it helps regulate blood sugar to keep your energy, concentration and mood even throughout the morning.  Like all meals, this shouldn’t be gulped down – you need to “chew” all your food to mix it with saliva and digest it properly.  Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, great for moisturising skin and body from within.  Yoghurt and kefir provide friendly bacteria important for a healthy digestion, clear skin and stable mood.  Fermenting makes the  milk easily digested, removing the casein (dairy protein) that triggers food sensitivities in so many people.  Lecithin granules help emulsify (digest) fats and are a great source of phospatidyl choline.  Pho. choline is only found in egg yolks, lecithin and organ meats and are essential for memory.   

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