Welcome to my food blog, Anna’s Larder.  My name is Anna Collins and I am a Dublin-based nutrition consultant specialising in digestive wellness, skin and hair health.  I tailor individualised food and lifestyle programmes for people who want to enhance their wellbeing.  I am often amazed at how quickly a few simple changes can change people’s lives for the better.  So if you love delicious and healthy food, or you are coeliac, gluten- or dairy-intolerant, you have come to the right place.  I believe you have a right to look and feel your best without compromising on taste and enjoyment.

How to use this blog
Many of my recipes are free from common food allergens such as gluten or dairy and when this is the case I will put “tags” on the recipe stating this.  You can search these by clicking on the tag cloud in the left hand navigation bar.  You can also use this “tag cloud” to see all recipes using a particular class of main ingredient.  For example, to see recipes using poultry, just click the “poultry” tag.  If you want to be more specific and look for a particular ingredient, chickpeas for example, you could also use the “search” box at the top right.  If you see any food ingredients in a recipe marked with an asterisk, this means I explain where to buy it in my “larder & shopping” section.  Just click the menu above the recipe to see this.

Privacy & other ways to see my recipes
If you choose to sign up for my blog, your e-mail will not be used by me for anything else.   If you comment on a post, your your email address is not displayed.  If you have a wordpress blog yourself, then your blog details will appear beside your comment.  If you don’t like signing up for blogs, you can also follow me at facebook.com/annacollinsnutrition where I post every new recipe as soon as it appears on the blog.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Anna, for your quinoa bread want cant I sub for potato flour, will brown rice flour be ok, having a hard time finding it here in Toronto, and too cold to keep looking, I got everything else…..

    • Im not 100% sure as I haven’t tried it but I reckon it should probably work ok. As you will notice, I have added some xanthan gum to the recipe too, to help everything stick together well (I found that after the first day, the bread got a little crumbly. Let me know if it works. Bon appetit!

  2. meant to say what Can i sub for potato flour

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