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  1. Hiya Anna,

    One of my friends Ger has recently found that leading a gluten free life is helping her feel a lot better. She hasn’t been diagnosed as Ceoliac but has decided that she cant go back now given the improvement in how shes feeling. There are two issues, she wouldn’t be the most confident about cooking and tomatoes as a substitute for sauce bases is leaving her limited. Can you advise of any other base type I could search for? I love to cook so would love to find something I could show her how to make. Any advice or possible recipes would be great!

    kind regards


    • Your friend will find if she looks to the ethnic cooking of India, Malaysia and Thailand there will be many dishes where the sauce part contains creamy coconut milk or lentils (dhal), which thicken the sauces. Stews and casseroles such as the tagines I have posted already will work a treat for her too. Happy eating! Anna

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